Elba Raquel
"Stand: A Day for Art and Solidarity" Workshop Artist

Lead a workshop at a Martin Luther King event put on by Future Arts Now.
"Coyotes and Rabbits" Children's Opera Poster

Hired by Opera Cultura to create a promotional poster for a children's opera.
"Luna Park Chalk Festival" Artist

Created a large scale chalk sidewalk mural with 3 local artists for the annual chalk festival.
"Do You Know the Way to San Jose" Movie Poster

Illustrated promotional poster for a local San Jose Movie.
"Four-Play" Interactive Exhibit at The School of Arts and Culture

Group show with Roberto Romo, Efren Ave, and Cristina Velazquez in San Jose's School of Arts and Culture.
Screenprint Showdown" Competition Finalist

Selected as 1 of 50 finalists to San Jose's Screenprint Showdown.
"Yoga is Life" solo exhibit at Downtown Yoga Shala

Solo exhibit for San Jose's First Fridays at Downtown Yoga Shala.

"Frida 9.5" San Jose Event

Hired by Maiz to create promotional flyer for an annual Frida Kahlo San Jose event.
"Flamenco Night" Group Show at Cafe Friscatti

Exhibited 4 pieces at San Jose's Cafe Friscatti with artists Roberto Romo, Quynh Nguyen, and Tracy Ariga.
"Colors in the Hue of Mexico" Group Exhibit

Exhibited 1 piece in Tulio Flores' group show exhibiting Latin art.
Featured artist in CreatTV Channel 30

Interviewed for Latino Heritage Month to appear on public television.
"Community Mandala" at San Jose Brew Festival

Hired to lead a community mural with Roberto Romo by Kooltura Marketing.
"Dia de los Muertos" Coloring Book

Created a 13 page coloring book based on the Dia de los Muertos celebration.
"Peace, Love, and Hip Hop Festival" Poster

Promotional poster illustration and text design for San Jose event by Future Arts Now.
"Abigail" Children's Book Project

For the past year I have been writing, rewriting, drawing, and color comping a children's book about bullying. It has been a long process but it is steadily coming along. "Like" the color comps on my Facebook and become a fan.
"Las Pinturas de Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo en Movimiento" theatrical ballet florklorico at the mexican Heritage Plaza.

My husband and I have been asked to perform at both shows tonight! We are the opening performance for afternoon and evening shows, with an original skit WE created depicting the love that Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo had through each other in the different stages of their lives. Hope you can all make it!

See trailer here.
"Small Art Show" a group art exhibit at Paolo Mejia's Art Gallery in San Francisco.

Please join me and a group of very talented artists for an afternoon of art, food, and laughter. I have created 3 brand new pieces for this exhibit. You can see the process in my blog.

"Tres Vinos" Art Fundraiser for School of Arts and Culture.

Our school needs help fundraising for art supplies and hanging panels. Come be a part of this extravagant event and see the Instructor exhibit. Enjoy an evening of fine dining and wine tasting!
"La Cultura Cura" Fundraising Art Auction

I painted a Day of the Dead jewelry box that was SOLD at auction. This was a lovely event with a traditional Mexica cuisine ( using only pre conquest ingredients) accompanied by native music, dance, and ceremony.
Funky Door Yoga Exhibit

I am excited to say I have completed a new series of work and its all up on display at Funky Door Yoga! There are 9 new pieces, which can be viewed here and on my blog as well, with the theme "Yoga is..."

It is a collaborative project with the instructors in where they were interviewed about their experiences in life and yoga. Please stop by the studio at Funky Door Yoga at 1336 Polk Street (between Bush and Pine) here in San Francisco.

All pieces are for sale!
2009 SCCRC Asilomar Reading Conference

This Saturday I will be attending this conference and am very excited. I've been waiting since October! I will have a chance to talk to Children's Book authors and Illustrators. Among them I will be hearing Eve Bunting speak and also having cocktails with her!

As some of you know I am working on 2 projects at the moment. 1 has been put to the side (my Dichos and Refranes Book) for a more urgent project, The Star Tree. I am ever so grateful to have met Jeff Palmer, who wrote this magnificent story he has given me the privilege to illustrate. As of now we've collaborated on getting the story ready to show to publishers and its now in dummy book format. Saturday will its big day as it will be its first showing. We'll see what the big guys have to say about our efforts.

Wish us luck!
2008 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition

Last year I entered some pieces into the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition. This is a prestigious Society that promotes the art and appreciation of illustration through exhibits, lectures and publications. The Student Competition is a nationwide competition and tough to get into the competition. The Academy of Art has a high record of acceptances into the competition and last year 9 students from the Academy were accepted with a total of 13 pieces! I was one of the lucky 3 to have 2 pieces accepted! Everyone accepted I know personally and all deserved it, as I was very proud to share the spotlight with them in New York.

Society of Illustrators 2008 Student Competition: Academy of Art

Lets see what happens in this year's competition....
"Big Bang"- Fall Art Exhibit at Academy of Art University

I submitted one of my first digital pieces to the show. The night's attendees all voted and my piece "Sewing my Fish" won Best of Show for the evening!

Bay to Breakers student competition

What started as a class assignment turned into a competition. After entering my design into the competition, it was selected as the finalist for the T-shirt design for Bay to Breakers 2007 in San Francisco! Thousands of people were wearing my shirt.