Elba Raquel
"Lost Innocence""Part of Me""Snake Bracelet""My Jeweler's Masterpiece""Where's That Stone?""Compassion, Betrayal, Protection""Masks""Haircut""For No One""Erykah Badu: Soulful Transformation""Cuentas Claras...""Boca Cerrada...""Religion on us""Yoga is a Crucible for Change."- Darius"Yoga is Rejuvenating."- Liz"Yoga is the Bomb!"- Amber"Yoga is Ever Changing in Every Way, Yet Stays the Same."- Lala"Yoga is Connection."- LeotaTradition is PermanentFire Dance"Gael Garcia Lives On""Toad King""Pirate Dance"Cheers 2014!Dream of the Red Dress"Cuba: Rhythm" "Cuba: Flavor""Camino Seguro a la Inseguridad""Diabetic Ballet"
Traditional Media
Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Oil, Gouache, Pastels